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VITT Body Kits

A VITT body kit is a unique option for the Mercedes owner. VITT is a Japan-based company offering aftermarket parts for Mercedes vehicles. The company's products are strikingly different than what is offered by most other parts manufacturers. If you are not taken by the aftermarket accessories offered by German companies, a VITT aero kit may be the place to look for an innovative styling option for your Mercedes.

Despite the physical boundaries between Japan and Germany , there are many similarities in driving culture between the two countries. In both Japan and Germany , an enthusiasm for automotive culture and racing history is almost tangible. Many of the planet's most successful racing teams and automotive manufacturers come from Japan and Germany . It would only follow that some Japanese parts manufacturers see the potential within German automobiles. VITT body kits fill a comfortable niche as a Japanese treatment of German vehicles.

A VITT body kit can be applied to several Mercedes vehicles. From the E-Class to the S-Class, and even the V-Class, Mercedes owners can utilize a VITT body kit in order to alter aesthetics and aerodynamic performance. Even owners of legendary AMG edition Mercedes vehicles can benefit from the unique styling and performance of a VITT bodykit. There are several options for each vehicle, including side skirts, front and rear bumper replacements, wings, and even wide-body conversions.

VITT has been a regular fixture at the Tokyo Auto Salon, one of Japan 's leading car shows. There have also been several vehicles dressed in VITT body kits seen at Tokyo 's Special Import-Car Show. The appearance of VITT in these venues is a testament to the respect in the automotive community that the company has garnered. If you are interested in modifying your Mercedes with quality parts but want something less common, VITT is an admirable option to consider.