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VIP Modular VR 06 Wheels

vip modular vr6 wheels

Available Wheel Sizes: 19", 20", 21", 22", and 24"

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VIP Modular VR 06 wheels offer a stunning design consisting of a series of forked spokes reaching across to the deep lip. The effect is almost dizzying – in a good way! In short, VR 06 rims are dazzling. These VIP Modular wheels come in three sizes: 19 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches. Custom finishes are also available, further allowing you to create a unique look for your luxury car.

VIP Modular wheels are highly regarded in the aftermarket wheel industry. These prestigious wheels begin with aircraft-grade aluminum that has been heat treated to T6 levels. Strong and lightweight, the VIP Modular VR 06 wheels are forged and CNC machined into shape. Once the pieces are manufactured, quality testing takes place. From there, VIP Modular wheels undergo the finishing process where custom plating or powder coating is applied. Among the custom finishes offered are chrome, satin, color chrome, gunmetal, black (gloss or matte), and SPF. If you want a pinstripe along the rim, that’s available too.

Finally, the wheels are assembled by hand using the highest quality fasteners and valve stems followed by hand-torquing the newly assembled wheels to exact specifications. If quality is a priority, along with beauty, you’ll love these forged wheels!



vip modular wheels


Lexus GS300 (First Gen) w/ 20" VIP Modular VR 06 Wheels

Ford Flex w/ 22" VIP Modular VR 06 Wheels

Lexus GS300 (Second Gen) w/ 20" VIP Modular VR 06 Wheels